About Us

Our Aims

1. To advance citizenship and the contribution of the African community in Glasgow through promoting social inclusion, active citizenship and assisting in removing barriers to full participation in society (e.g. language, discrimination and exclusion) among the African community through empowering an active role and representation in Sport, education and overall welfare of these communities.

2. To relieve poverty through empowering members of the African community (youth, women, students, etc) in their engagement through community initiatives, training and in sport programs as a vehicle to empowering their participation and developing relevant skills in this respect.

3. To promote racial harmony through community Work and community empowerment, and to advance social justice in Glasgow through awareness raising programmes and community development practices.

Our Activities

We hold a number of regular activities every week in the Sighthill area of Glasgow.


Every Saturday we hold a football training session for children and young people, designed to give them a safe, social setting to keep fit, build skills, and get involved with the community. With the aid of funding, we are acquiring more equipment in order to improve our facilities and training our coaches in order to deliver a better class of coaching.

Other activities

We also run a number of other activities to teach various relevant life and social skills, such as sewing and textiles classes, and language classes. These activities are more varied and irregular. Get in touch to find out what’s going on next!

Our members are also involved in the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, a project promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle through garden and allotment growing, selling the produce at markets, and cookery classes.

Our Staff

Project Manager: Macel Agu

Board of Directors:

Chair: Mussa Marandura

Treasurer: Peter Sama

Secretary: Sheriya Kahindo

Anna Kimpape

Jeanette Bora